Construction FAQ


Do you have other items besides what’s in the catalog?

Yes.  We fabricate Corbels, Wall Caps, Spiral, Entasis and Fluted Columns along with custom Arches for windows.If you have a specific item in mind and need availability or ordering information, please call us at (310) 515-0617. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you.

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What are Redicoat® moldings coated with?

The machine-cut raw foam shapes are first sheathed with a standard duty polypropylene reinforcing mesh and are then machine-coated with Omega FoamTek, a cementitious material that is extremely hard and durable.

How do I install Redicoat® moldings to a wall?

The moldings are simply adhered in place with Omega FoamTek, which is designed to be used as an adhesive as well as the base coating. No mechanical fasteners are needed.

Can I adhere Redicoat® moldings to existing stucco?

Absolutely. Sandblasting the stucco is best, but Omega says you can also prep the surface simply by pressure washing and scraping off any loose stucco.

Can I use nails or screws to hold Redicoat® moldings in place while the adhesive dries?

Only the largest moldings might need this additional support, and then only to hold them in place until the adhesive dries. Mechanical fasteners should then be removed to avoid rust damage later. Many installers prefer to use tape instead of mechanical fasteners because it avoids having to penetrate the wall’s waterproof membrane.

Can I cut or miter the corners of Redicoat® moldings?

Yes. A hand saw with a miter box will work, but a power saw will make a much cleaner cut. Be sure to use a carbide blade, as the cementitious coating will quickly wear out a standard blade.

Redicoat® moldings have a rather rough surface. How can I get a smooth finish?

Apply a smooth stucco color coat. The use of an acrylic bonder is recommended.

Do Redicoat® moldings have to be stucco color coated, or can I just paint them?

It’s up to you. Any high-quality acrylic paint will give acceptable results. But the stucco color coat will yield a better and even more durable finish.

When installing Redicoat® moldings, how do I seal the seams?

To join lengths together, use adhesive between the joints. Many installers will then cover the joint with drywall mesh tape and more primer/adhesive, but this step is often skipped when the surface is to have a textured (i.e. not really smooth) finish.

Can I use Redicoat® moldings for interior applications?

No. Redicoat® moldings are strictly for exterior use.

I live near the beach. Is it okay to use Redicoat® foam moldings there?

Yes, to our knowledge. Our product has been used extensively on oceanfront property and we are not aware of any problems.

Where can I buy Omega products?

Advanced Foam sells Omega FoamTek and Omega DryBond in 50-pound bags. They can also be purchased from most of the larger building material dealers.