Redicoat® Cornices

Cornices can add the illusion of height to your windows. Our elegantly styled Redicoat® Cornice moldings are available in Square Edges, Round Edges, and Back Cut styles to allow you to select the one that best fits your design. Redicoat® Cornice moldings have outstanding workability and can be easily sawed for mitering, requiring no special tools to install.

Functions of cornices for architectural purposes

The function of the projecting cornice of a building is to throw rainwater free of the building’s walls. In residential building practice, this function is handled by projecting gable ends, roof eaves, and gutters. However, house eaves may also be called “cornices” if they are finished with decorative molding. In this sense, while most cornices are also eaves (in that they overhang the sides of the building), not all eaves are usually considered cornices— eaves are primarily functional and not necessarily decorative, and a cornice has a decorative aspect to it.